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Hostinger Email: Migration and Backup
How to Migrate Emails Using the IMAP Sync Tool
How to Migrate Emails Using the IMAP Sync Tool

Migrating your emails using IMAP Sync

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If you're transferring your email messages from another provider to Hostinger, follow the guide based on your situation:

If you're moving between different providers, not to Hostinger, the Imapsync tool can assist you.

On the IMAP source mailbox to the left, add your full email address, password, and IMAP server name of the email that you want to transfer from.

The IMAP source mailbox form

For the IMAP destination mailbox on the right, provide your destination email details.

The IMAP destination Mailbox form

Next, click on the Sync or resync button:

The synchronization might take a while. Keep the page open until the process is finished to prevent any disruptions.


  • The IMAP Sync is limted to transfer up to 3GB. If your email account exceeds this limit, you can consider an alternative approach: create an email backup using an email client and then import it into your new email account

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