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How to Purchase Additional Titan Email Mailboxes
How to Purchase Additional Titan Email Mailboxes

Purchasing additional Titan Email mailboxes at Hostinger

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To purchase additional mailboxes for Titan Email, open the Emails section, and click on Manage next to your domain name:

The Manage button in the Emails section at Hostinger

Then, click on Buy Email Accounts:

The option Buy Email Accounts in the Titan Email management panel at Hostinger

You will be presented with a pop-up window to purchase additional email accounts with just a few clicks.

All of your email mailboxes have to have the same expiry date. For example, you purchase one email account on the 1st of March 2020 for six months for $30. After three months, on the 1st of June 2020, you decide that you need to have two email accounts overall. In this case, you pay $15 for the second account, as your Titan Email plan expires on the 1st of September 2020.

The calculation works like this:

(Amount of months purchased × Monthly price)/(Full plan time ÷ Time left until plan expiration) × Extra email accounts you are purchasing = (6 × 5) ÷ (6 ÷ 3) × 1

That’s it! Now you know how to get additional Titan Email mailboxes 😊

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