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How to Fix a Website Blocked by Facebook
How to Fix a Website Blocked by Facebook

Fixing the issue where you can’t share your website on Facebook

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If your website is blocked by Facebook, you will get the following error upon sharing the URL: “Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive”:

The error message shown when a site is blocked by Facebook

To fix it, head to the Facebook Sharing Debugger tool to identify the issue. Just enter your domain name and click on Debug:

The Facebook Sharing Debugger tool

Now follow the options below according to the result of the debugging process:

Option 1 - Website Doesn’t Meet Community Standards

The most common reason why a website URL is blocked is that it doesn’t follow Facebook's Community Standards, so make sure to check them thoroughly.

Once you've made sure that your website doesn't violate any of the standards, or you have removed content that Facebook would find inappropriate, click on let us know and request a review:

The option to request a review from Facebook

This will lead you to a form where you can submit a short message explaining why your site should be unblocked:

The Facebook form to request reviewing

Once you have submitted this form, allow for a few days until Facebook reviews your report.

Option 2 - Warnings That Should Be Fixed

If there is a Warnings That Should Be Fixed tab after debugging, it means that there is an issue with a specific URL from your website, its content, or a general development issue. For example:

A warning regarding image property

If you are not experienced in website development, you can consider hiring a professional developer to take care of this process, or research using specialized forums, such as StackOverflow - it's a great place to get development support.

After fixing all the reported issues, you can request for Facebook to scrape the URL again:

The Scrape Again button on Facebook debugging

Once the scrape is completed, you can share your website using Facebook 😊

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