You can manage your domain locking status by opening the Domains section and selecting your domain:

On the new page just click on the switch button on the Transfer lock section:

What to do if I don't see the transfer lock/domain lock button?

Not all TLDs have a lock/unlock button. If you are not sure if the button should be visible for you, contact our Customer Success team 😊

Why can't I unlock a domain?

If you unlocked the domain, but it became locked again, it means that you cannot unlock the domain at this moment.

Domains that were registered or transferred recently, can only be unlocked after 60 days have passed.

If your domain was purchased or transferred more than 60 days ago and you cannot unlock a domain, make sure to contact our Customer Success team 😊


  • After the domain’s status was changed (became either locked or unlocked), you need to wait 12 hours until you can change the status again.

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