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How to find your WordPress login URL?
How to find your WordPress login URL?
Finding your WordPress login URL
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What is a default WordPress admin URL?

By default you will be able to reach your admin dashboard by using one of these URLs:

  • domain.tld/admin

  • domain.tld/wp-admin

  • domain.tld/login

  • domain.tld/wp-login

Where “domain.tld” is your domain name.

If you installed WordPress on a subdomain, the URL will look like this - subdomain.domain.tld/wp-admin or domain.tld/subdomain/wp-admin (both URLs will work).

What to do if the default WordPress URL doesn’t work?

In case none of default URLs work for you, it’s worth checking if you indeed have WordPress installed, that can be done via Whatsmycms.

If you do, the next step would be checking if you have any plugin, that can change WP-admin URL. Once you find the plugin you will be able to disable it manually, then the default dashboard URLs will start working 😊

Possible issues

Incorrect password

If you find trouble logging in to your admin dashboard, we highly suggest resetting your password.

A more advanced option for changing admin password is via WP-CLI, for that you will need to log in to your account via SSH. Once that’s done, use this command to list all of the current users in the WordPress installation:

wp user list

Then update password for preferred user with this command:

wp user update 1 --user_pass=MyNewPassword

For example if user would be "admin" the command will be:

wp user update admin --user_pass=MyNewPassword

Cookies error

Sometimes you might receive a Cookies-related error while trying to log in:

Cookies are necessary for WordPress to work properly, thus it is recommended to check if you got them enabled on your browser:

If cookies are enabled and you still receive this error, you can try adding this line below to your wp-config.php file, right before /* That's all, stop editing!...*/

define('COOKIE_DOMAIN', false);

The issue should be completely solved.

That’s it! Now you know all the ins and outs of WordPress admin dashboard URLs 😊


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