Our plans come with these database size limits:

  • Shared - 3GB

  • Cloud - 6GB

In case you have reached these limits, your database write permissions might be suspended.

Why did my database reach the size limit?

Usually, it is natural for a database to grow along with your website, whether that would be new content, users, extensions, or even comments.

Some rare cases include technical issues that can occur, for example, a specific plugin that fills up your database with unnecessary information.

How to reduce database size?

Before proceeding - make sure to make a backup of your old database.

Once that’s done you can try these things:

  • Open the MySQL Databases section and repair your database

  • Delete any unused content on your website

  • Delete any SPAM comments

  • Access your database via phpMyAdmin and sort the tables by Size:

The biggest table will give you a basic idea of what content is stored there, usually, the biggest database tables can have log keywords. It means that logs are being stored on your website instead of File Manager so checking your logs settings or contacting your website developer is recommended.

In case you’ve done all these steps and your database is still big, it can mean that your website has simply outgrown your database. This can happen for large e-commerce websites or similar projects. In such cases - upgrading your plan is recommended.

How to prevent such issues in the future?

  • Regularly check your plugins and keep track of your database size, if you installed a new plugin recently and database size increased by a lot - you can say that the newest plugin is causing the issue

  • Make sure not to store any logs in your database, as they can pile up and take a lot of space

  • Uninstall any unused plugins

  • Protect your website with reCAPTCHA as it prevents bots from submitting spam comments and registering to your website

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