Our VPS templates provide different ways to log in, and some of them use the non-secure HTTP protocol. For this reason, browsers might prevent you from reaching the login page, showing an error message like this:

Here’s how to fix it for the most popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


Below the error message, click on Advanced and select Proceed to [your-vps-ip] (unsafe). In case you are not seeing the Proceed button:

Click a blank space anywhere on the page and type in thisisunsafe on your keyboard. You should be redirected to the panel login page after that.


Below the warning, select Advanced:

Click Accept the Risk and Continue:


Below the error message, select Advanced:

And then click visit this website:


  • This approach should only be used for websites/pages you trust (for example your VPS) and never on third-party sites

  • It's worth noting that this error happens only the first time upon logging in to your control panel (while you still haven't pointed your domain). To prevent this you need to point your domain and install SSL for your hostname.

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