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How to Check the Access Logs for Hostinger Email
How to Check the Access Logs for Hostinger Email

Checking access logs for your Hostinger Email

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With the Access Logs feature for Hostinger Email, you can easily check the accesses done on your email accounts, with detailed information about when and where it happened.

You can open Access Logs by navigating to any of your Hostinger Email Accounts and choosing Email Logs on the left side:

And selecting Access:

You will see a table that shows where your email accounts were accessed and when it happened exactly. Each Access log entry also provides the status so you know if the connection was successful.

You can filter the results by email account, status, protocol and date from the last 30 days. The log contains five sections:

  1. Time - the exact time your email account was accessed

  2. Email account - email account in question

  3. IP address - who accessed your email account

  4. Status - indicates whether the action succeeded or not

  5. Protocol - shows the protocol used (it will be either SMTP, IMAP, or POP3)

In case you find an entry under Status with Incorrect password - we highly recommend double-checking your password and changing it if needed.

You can also see further information about the email session by clicking on the down arrow for each entry, such as duration of the session, mail client used, traffic, and whether any messages were deleted:

Some email clients create subsequent requests after opening the email. This can result in the log showing multiple accesses from the same location in a short period of time.

That’s it, now you know how to check all the information on your email access logs!

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