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With the Delivery Logs feature for Hostinger Email, you can easily check ...

You can open Delivery Logs by navigating to any of your Hostinger Email Accounts and choosing Email Logs on the left side:

And selecting Delivery:

You will see a table that shows the email messages, and when they were sent or received. Each Activity log entry also provides the status so you know if the message is in transit, delivered or rejected.

You can filter the results by email account, whether it's incoming or outgoing (inbound or outbound), status, and date from the last 30 days. The log contains five sections:

  1. Time - the exact time the message was sent/received

  2. Sender - email account of the sender

  3. To - email account of the recipient

  4. Status - action status to see if the message was delivered or not

  5. Spam - this section will show if the message was marked as spam

You can click on the rightward arrow of the entry to see additional information:

If the message was sent to more than one recipient, it will show the status of each, and the result from the mail server, including any error message:

That’s it, now you know how to check all the information on your email delivery logs!


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