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How to Check Action Logs for Hostinger Email
How to Check Action Logs for Hostinger Email

Checking action logs for your Hostinger Email

Updated over a week ago

With the Action Logs feature, you can easily check the actions performed with your Hostinger Emails accounts (for example the creation of email accounts or forwarders) and when it happened exactly.

You can open it by navigating to any of your Hostinger Email Accounts, choosing Email Logs on the side menu:

And selecting Actions:

You will see the exact time of each action related to the management of your email accounts, along with a brief description:

You can click on the down arrow of the entry to see additional information, such as the IP of the request, if it was a user or a system action, and forwarder details:

In the case of system actions, the log will not include an IP address.

That’s it, now you know how to check all the information on your email action logs!


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