While cache helps to load your website faster, it might also save outdated information, so your latest changes won’t be reflected on the site. Cloudflare cache can be purged using hPanel or from the Cloudflare Dashboard.

Purging Cloudflare cache in hPanel

If you have a Cloudflare, activated at Hostinger, you can purge the cache by going to your Cloudflare management page. There, just click on Purge:

You will see a notification when the cache is purged:

Purging Cloudflare cache from the Cloudflare Dashboard

Cache can also be cleared from your Cloudflare Dashboard. Just log in to your account, choose the domain name in question, and click on Purge Cache:

Inside Purge Cache, you will see two buttons:

  1. Custom Purge - to specify which pages you want to be purged

  2. Purge Everything - this will clear the cache from the whole website

Alternatively, you can enable Development Mode and Cloudflare will bypass all cache in the upcoming 3 hours.

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