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The Website Shows a “You Are All Set to Go!” Message
The Website Shows a “You Are All Set to Go!” Message

Understanding the default message on your website

Updated over a week ago

Whenever you add a new domain or subdomain to your Web or Cloud hosting plan at Hostinger, a default page is created. If you open your website on a web browser, it may look like this:

The Hostinger default page before creating, uploading or migrating a website

This means that your domain was successfully added to the hosting plan. The domain is pointing to Hostinger, and you can start developing your website.

Before moving on to the next steps of website creation, you may want to delete this default page. Navigate to the Websites section in hPanel and click on Manage next to your domain name to reach the hosting dashboard. There, click on File Manager:

Open the public_html folder and right-click on default.php - it should be the only file present. Click Delete on the context menu to permanently remove the file:

That's it! Now, you can start working on your website. You have a few options available:

  • If you have a website already hosted elsewhere, create a migration request. Our team will gladly move your website for you.

  • If you have a website with the files and database stored on your local device, upload your website's backup.

  • You can also start developing a website on your own - for that, we recommend our Website Builder for a beginner-friendly experience.

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