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You can easily manage your Titan Email accounts from hPanel. Just open the Emails section and click on Manage next to the domain or subdomain:

How to Create an Email Account

Click on Email accounts:

There you will be able to create your email account by clicking on Create new email account:

Insert the email address and choose if you want to make the account an admin. Create a password, add a password recovery email address, and click on Create new account:

How to Manage Email Accounts

On Email accounts, if you click on the options button (⋮), you will see the following:

  1. Disable Admin Rights (if the account is set as email admin)

  2. Suspend Account - Disable the account for sending/receiving email while keeping existing messages

  3. Delete Account


  • Email account deletion is not reversible. Once an email account is deleted, all the messages stored in the account are permanently deleted as well

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