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In order to point your .br domain to your cPanel plan, you must first ensure that the domain is already added to the hosting plan. You can easily do so following this guide: How to add a website in cPanel?

This will ensure your domain has an active DNS Zone created for it before pointing, which is a requirement from Registro.br.

Once you've added the domain to your cPanel, login to your Registro.br account, select your domain:

Scroll down to the DNS section and click on Change DNS servers:

Enter the value for your cPanel's nameservers:

  • cdns1.main-hosting.eu

  • cdns2.main-hosting.eu

And click on Save changes:

Query refused error

In case you obtain a Query refused (Pesquisa recusada) error, reset your domain's DNS Zone. Go to yo your cPanel's Zone Editor, and click on Manage next to your domain. Next, click on Actions → Reset DNS Zone:

After that, wait a few minutes and try pointing the domain again from Registro.br

That’s it! Now you know how to point your .br domain to your cPanel at Hostinger😊


  • After you specify new DNS records, propagation will start, which can take up to 24 hours to complete

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