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Website Builder: How to Add and Customize Website Elements
Website Builder: How to Add and Customize Website Elements

Learn everything you need to know about website elements

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Website elements are items that you can use to populate your web pages. In other words, website elements are texts, images, buttons, videos, and so on.

While using Hostinger Website Builder, you can find all available elements by expanding the Add elements panel on the left.

Drag and drop any element to the preferred place on your website or click on an element, and it'll be automatically inserted into a selected section:

Adding elements to a website created with Hostinger Website Builder

Feel free to customize every element however you like. Click on it and explore its settings:

The editing options of a text element in Hostinger Website Builder

You may choose from the following elements:

Use text elements to populate your website with high-quality content; learn how to change the text style

Buttons are great call-to-action elements; learn how to add links to your buttons

Create products, link them to these buttons, and sell them online easily

You may browse our free image library or upload your own pictures

The gallery element allows you to showcase your favorite pictures in a gallery view

Our native video element supports YouTube and Vimeo videos; learn how to add a Facebook video or upload a video from your local device

Use various geometric figures to perfect the design of your website

Add a map to help your customers find your business more easily

Use the Instagram feed element to embed your Instagram posts on your website

Let your clients reach out to you by submitting a contact form on your website

To create a mailing list, add the subscription form element to your website and collect email addresses easily

Use this element to add links to your social media profiles

The embed code element allows you to integrate various third-party widgets into your website: calendars, countdown timers, pop-ups, and many more

Currently, the search element only works with online store products 💡

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