A favicon is an icon that's displayed in the browser tab, next to the meta title of your page. By default, the favicon resembles the globe, but you may add your logo, initials, or so:

Learn how to add and troubleshoot a favicon 💡

Adding a favicon

Within Hostinger Website Builder, access the general website settings. Expand the Favicon section, click Add image and upload your file:

Save the changes and update your website.


It takes some time for the favicon to update in your browser tab. However, make sure that:

  • While editing your website, the builder isn’t open in multiple browser tabs or devices simultaneously

  • The uploaded file is not too large; the recommended favicon size is 32×32 PX

  • The format of your file is supported: .PNG, .JPG, or .JPEG

  • You've updated the website after making the changes

If you've done everything that's mentioned above but the favicon doesn't show up, clear the browser cache or check the favicon by accessing your website using the following:

  • An incognito/private browsing window

  • Another device: try a smartphone, tablet, or laptop

  • Another network: try Wi-Fi instead of mobile data or vice versa

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