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Website Builder: Inconsistent Font Characters
Website Builder: Inconsistent Font Characters

Learn about web-safe fonts and font subsets for different languages

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By default, Hostinger Website Builder uses a service called Google Fonts to offer you a large selection of open-source fonts.

We use Cloudflare to fetch Google Fonts to follow all safety recommendations 🔒

However, each font is different and not always compatible with the full language set. If your chosen font does not support certain characters in your language, the browser will automatically fall back to default fonts only for missing characters. That's why there can be character inconsistencies on your website, that may look like this:

An example of inconsistent font characters

We recommend using web-safe fonts on your website whenever possible. This way, your content will look good at all times: as web-safe fonts are widely available, they tend to support various languages. Web-safe fonts also have faster load times because they are preinstalled on most modern devices.

You can use Google Fonts to preview if your desired font will look good in your browser and isn't missing any symbols or characters that you need in your language:

Previewing various fonts in Google Fonts

NOTE: You can also use a custom font 💡

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