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Product options are supported for the following product types:

  • Physical

  • Service

  • Donation

One product can have up to 50 variations. To create product variations, you simply need to specify all your product options by following the steps below👇

1. In your store management area go to Products, and click on a product you want to add options to (or create a new product).

2. In the Options section, click Add option and specify the following:

  1. Under Option, insert the title of the option type, e.g., Size, Color, Material, etc.

  2. Under Selections for this option, list all the available options, e.g., if the option type is Color, the selections could be Red, Green, Blue, etc.

Once you're done, click Save:

Creating product options in Hostinger Website Builder

You can easily add more option types by clicking Add option. The store will automatically create product variations using all the option types and selections of your product:

Based on product options, product variations are created automatically

3. Click Manage variants to specify the details (image, price, sale price, SKU, weight, stock quantity) for each product variant individually:

And that's it!

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