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What Is the Hostinger WordPress Plugin?
What Is the Hostinger WordPress Plugin?

Using the Hostinger WordPress plugin to start building your website

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If you have installed WordPress on your website when you first set up your hosting plan, using the auto installer or when adding a website, you will see the Hostinger plugin on the WordPress admin panel:

The Hostinger plugin on the WordPress Admin panel

This helpful tool will walk you through the basic actions to create your website:

The steps to set up a WordPress website using the Hostinger plugin

Let's go over each one in detail:

Upload your logo

You will see the option to create a logo using our amazing Logo Maker. If you already have an image, click on Take me there to open the Customize page on a new window and upload your logo:

The steps to upload a logo using Hostinger plugin

On the Customize page, after making the changes, you can either publish right away or click on the gear icon to publish later by choosing Save Draft:

The WordPress Customize page showing how to save a draft

Once done, go back to the Hostinger plugin window and click on Got it! This step will be marked as completed, and the next one will be shown 😊


  • If you wish to skip this or any other step for now, simply scroll down and click on the next desired step to expand it

Upload an image

Click on Take me there to open the WordPress Media Library, where you will be able to upload an image as well as apply some basic edits to it.

Edit heading

Clicking on Take me there will take you once again to the Customize page. There, click on Use Site Editor to build a custom header for your website:

The WordPress Customize page showing the Use Site Editor button

When all is good to go, save the changes and head to the next step.

Edit post description

Click on Take me there to create your first new page, or edit one of the pre-generated ones. Make sure to click on Publish or Save draft when you're done to apply the changes.

Add a new page

The Take me there button will open a new window to create a new post for your website. Add the title and content and publish it or save it as a draft for later.

Preview website

You can see the progress live on your website at any time or after completing all the steps by clicking on Preview website.

That's it, you have successfully published your website!

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