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If you have a Web, WordPress or Cloud hosting plan at Hostinger and want to know the number of CPU cores, you can check this information in the Details section of your panel:

The Hosting Details section showing where to find the number of CPU Cores

For VPS plans, you can find the CPU data in the Overview section of the VPS Dashboard by choosing the Plan details tab:

The VPS Plan details section showing where to find the number of CPU Cores

And if you're interested in a new hosting plan or upgrading your current one, you can check the full list of CPU parameters per plan here:

1CPU core

2CPU cores

4CPU cores

6CPU cores

Web Single

Web Premium

Web Business

WordPress Single

WordPress Starter

WordPress Business

WordPress Pro

Cloud Startup

Cloud Pro

Cloud Enterprise

For VPS and Cyberpanel plans, the plan number corresponds to the number of cores, eg. VPS 4 has 4 CPU cores. For Minecraft VPS, they are as follows:

2vCPU cores

4vCPU cores

8vCPU cores

Alex Plan

Creeper Plan

Enderman Plan


  • Some plan names and availability may vary depending on the Hostinger brand where your account is located (eg. Hostinger.co.uk, Hostinger.in, etc.)

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