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How to Manage Email Services on cPanel
How to Manage Email Services on cPanel

Learn how to suspend or unsuspend email accounts via cPanel

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If you notice potentially suspicious activity within your email accounts, such as sending a large number of emails or receiving recurrent messages from the same sender, you may want to suspend incoming and outgoing emails to prevent your email accounts from being disabled or flagged as abusive.

Suspending an Email Account

Log into your cPanel, head to the Email section, and select Track Delivery:

The cPanel Email section showing how to access the Track Delivery page

You can also reach these settings with the help of the search bar. In the Track Delivery section, you'll find the Delivery Report table. By default, it will show Failures only. Additionally, you can select to view messages with the status Successes, Deferred, or In-Progress.

To check the delivery event details, click on the Actions icon:

The Delivery Report section showing how to open the delivery details

This information will help you determine whether any email account should be suspended.

To suspend an account, go to EmailEmail Accounts:

The cPanel Email section showing how to access the Email Accounts page

Click on Manage next to the email account in question, and scroll down to the Restrictions section. Once there, change the Sending Outgoing Email status to Suspend. This will prevent your account from sending out emails:

The Restrictions section of cPanel emails showing how to suspend sending outgoing email

You can also choose to suspend the Receiving Incoming Email to stop receiving emails from any sender. When all is good to go, click Update Email Settings to enable this configuration. You will see a pop-up notification confirming that the configuration is now applied to the email account.

Alternatively, if you no longer need the account, you can delete it by clicking on the Delete Email Account button in the email management area.

Unsuspending an Email Account

To resume receiving and sending emails:

  1. Navigate to EmailEmail Accounts

  2. Click on Manage next to the email account in question

  3. Scroll down to the Restrictions section

  4. Select the option Allow under Receiving Incoming Mail and Sending Outgoing Email

  5. Finally, click on Update Email Settings to apply the changes

That’s it! Now you know how to suspend and unsuspend email accounts in cPanel.

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