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Why Is the VPS License Blocked?
Why Is the VPS License Blocked?

Reasons why a VPS license appears with Blocked status and how to fix it

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Some control panel license providers, such as cPanel or Webuzo, only allow having one active license per IP address. If your VPS already has a license with one of these providers and you purchase another one at Hostinger, the activation will fail, and your license will show a Blocked status on hPanel:

The VPS Licences section on hPanel showing a Blocked status

How to Check if Your VPS IP Is Currently Licensed

You can check directly with the control panel providers whether the IP of your VPS already has an active license:

Once on the provider page, enter your VPS IP address and click on Verify License.

How to Fix a Blocked License

If you have confirmed that your IP is already licensed, you have two options before activating the new license in hPanel:

  • Wait for the expiration of the license purchased with another provider. That is, do not renew or prolong it

  • Fully cancel your license with another provider

Once the older license is inactive, the blocked on the new one will be lifted, and you will be able to activate it 😊

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