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How to Migrate a Website From hPanel to cPanel/WHM VPS
How to Migrate a Website From hPanel to cPanel/WHM VPS

Moving your website from hPanel to a VPS with cPanel

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If you want to migrate from a Web or Cloud hosting plan to a VPS hosting with cPanel/WHM, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Download Backups From hPanel

To get information from hPanel easily, all you have to do is download the backup. If your website is using a database, make sure to download it as well.

As an alternative to the Backup feature on hPanel, you can download your files via FTP and export the database via phpMyAdmin.

Step 2 - Import the Website Data to Your VPS

  1. Activate your VPS order if it is still pending setup

  2. Log in to your cPanel/WHM and run the Initial Setup Wizard. If you are not familiar with it yet, make sure to check this tutorial: How to set up the cPanel/WHM on VPS

  3. Create New Account:

  4. Add your domain to your cPanel

  5. Transfer your files using your preferred method: via the cPanel File Manager or using FTP

  6. If your website uses a database, create and upload the database on cPanel

  7. After the database is uploaded, update your configuration files with new database parameters

Step 3 - Point domain

Once your content is fully migrated to your VPS, you can point your domain by following this guide: How to Point a Domain to Your VPS.

After updating your domain's DNS record, consider up to 24 hours for the propagation process to complete.

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