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How to Restore an Expired Hosting Plan
How to Restore an Expired Hosting Plan

Restoring a hosting plan canceled due to non-payment

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If your Web or Cloud hosting plan expired recently due to a missed payment and now is in a canceled status, you can get it back if less than 30 days have passed from the original expiration.

To recover your hosting plan, you'll need to pay for the renewal. Please keep in mind the following:

  • Your website files and databases will be restored

  • Your emails will be excluded from the restoration

To start the process, navigate to HostingManage and click Restore on the canceled plan:

A canceled Hosting plan due to non-payment showing the button to Restore

In the next window, the time left to restore the plan will be shown. Click on Restore to check the renewal options and complete the payment.

Depending on the number of websites, it can take from 30 minutes up to a few hours to complete.


  • This option is available only if the hosting plan was canceled due to non-payment

  • Recovery can only be performed in the following 30 days after cancellation

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