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How to Check the Website Migration Status
How to Check the Website Migration Status

Checking the status of a website that's being migrated to Hostinger from another platform

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After submitting a website migration request, you'll find it in the Manage Migrations Requests list, where you may check the migration status:

The migrations requests list highlighting the status of a request

Alternatively, you can find the migration status in the Websites section of hPanel:

The migration status displayed in hPanel → Websites

There can be one of the following statuses:




The request is created.


The request is received and pending process.

In progress

Migration has started. If all data is correct, it should be completed within the next 48 hours.


Migration is completed successfully. You should've received a confirmation email and can now proceed with pointing the domain to Hostinger.


There's been an issue during the migration attempt. You'll find more information and the next steps in the Notes section of the request. Additionally, you'll receive this information via email.

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