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How to Migrate a Website from hPanel to CyberPanel VPS
How to Migrate a Website from hPanel to CyberPanel VPS

Moving your website from hPanel to VPS with CyberPanel

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If you want to migrate from a Web or Cloud hosting plan to a CyberPanel VPS hosting, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Download Backups From hPanel

To get information from hPanel easily, all you have to do is download the backup. If your website is using a database, make sure to download it as well.

If you have any hPanel settings, like redirects, you will need to recreate them later inside CyberPanel itself - it's recommended to wait until you have everything set up and working correctly at your VPS before deleting your domain from the previous hosting plan.

As an alternative to the Backup feature on hPanel, you can download your files via FTP and export the database via phpMyAdmin.

Step 2 - Upload the Data to Your VPS

  1. Activate your VPS order if it was still pending setup

  2. Log in to CyberPanel and add your domain

  3. Transfer your files using your preferred method: via the CyberPanel File Manager or using FTP

  4. If your website uses a database, create and upload the database on CyberPanel

  5. After the database is uploaded, update your configuration files with new database parameters

Step 3 - Point Your Domain

Once your content is fully migrated to your VPS, you can point your domain by following this guide: How to Point a Domain to Your VPS.

After updating your domain's DNS record, consider up to 24 hour for the propagation, process to complete.

Step 4 - Migrate Emails (Optional)

If you were using Hostinger Email, you can migrate your emails by:

  1. And then migrate your existing emails. You can use the following free tool: IMAP SYNC tool. You will need to provide your old email account credentials and IMAP server:

If you used a different email provider (such as Titan or Google Workspace) you don’t need to make any changes, just make sure that all the email DNS records (MX, SPF, DKIM) are set up correctly on your domain.

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