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Comprehensive hPanel Guide
Comprehensive hPanel Guide
Accessing your hosting control panel at Hostinger and all its options
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You can access your website's hPanel with just a few clicks here: In case you don’t have an account yet, you can try it out for free in our demo.

Once logged in to hPanel, you will find quick access to eight sections at the top. Let’s go through each of them:

The Hostinger hPanel top bar showing quick access to the management sections

1. Home – the home section lists all of your active services as well as the option to set up any pending orders. From here, you can quickly jump to your preferred website's management of your Web, WordPress, or Cloud plan:

The Home section of hPanel showing how to jump to a website management page

2. Websites – this section appears whenever you have at least one active website. Here, you can manage all your websites, add a new website, or migrate an existing one:

The Websites section of hPanel

3. Hosting – this section will present you with all of your active hosting plans. From here, you can renew and upgrade them:

The Hosting section of hPanel

The upgrade option will not appear here if all your websites are created with Hostinger Website Builder. In that case, follow this guide: How to Upgrade Your Hosting Plan 💡

4. Emails – here, you will find all your email accounts that were created with Hostinger Email or Titan Email.

5. Domains – in this section, you will be able to find and change the settings of your registered domains, manage the DNS Zone as well as purchase new domain names. You can find a detailed guide here: How to Use the Domains Section in hPanel.

6. VPS – here, you will find your VPS plans and have the option to purchase a new VPS. You can learn more about this section in the following article: How to Use the VPS Dashboard.

7. SSL – this section appears only if you have an active custom SSL order purchased from Hostinger. When purchasing any of our Web, WordPress, or Cloud hosting plans, you get free SSL certificates for all of your domains and subdomains. SSL is automatically installed as soon as you add a domain to your hosting plan. Learn more: SSL Certificates.

8. Billing – this section will help you keep track of all your services, invoices, and payment methods. To learn more, check How to Use the Billing section.

Next up, more options can be found in the upper right corner:

The options on hPanel from the top right

1. Language selection – click on the icon to change the hPanel language.

2. Marketplace – all of our available services in one place.

3. What's new – find out the latest updates and new features.

4. Help – in case you ever need assistance, we have a wide selection of guides by topic; you can also reach our awesome Customer Success team from this page.

5. Your profile – it will open a menu with the following options:

That’s it, now you know all the ins and outs of hPanel. If you want to go into more detail on any particular feature, you can always check our guides about hPanel 😊

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