You can access your website's hPanel with just a few clicks here: In case you don’t have an account yet, you can try it out for free in our demo. If you are using cPanel, you can refer to this article on how to log in to cPanel.

Once logged in to hPanel, you will find quick access to eight sections at the very top - let’s go through each of them:

1. Home - here you will see all of your services and have the option to set up any pending ones. Not only that, you will be able to quickly jump to your preferred website's management of your Shared, Cloud, or WordPress plan:

2. Websites - this section appears whenever you have at least one active website. You can manage all your websites here, add a new website or migrate an existing one. You can find out more about it in the following article: How to use the Websites section in hPanel.

3. Hosting - this section will present you all of your Shared, Cloud, or WordPress hosting plans, from there you will be able to Renew and Upgrade them:

4. Emails - here you will see all your email accounts that were created with Hostinger Email or Titan Email.

5. Domains - this section is all about domains, here you will be able to renew, transfer, lock or unlock your domains, as well as purchase new ones or manage the DNS Zone for existing ones.

6. VPS - here you will see all of your VPS plans or purchase a new VPS.

7. SSL - this section appears whenever you have an active Shared, WordPress or Cloud hosting plan. You can manage your SSL settings from there.

8. Billing - this section is meant to keep track of all your services, invoices, and payment methods. To learn more, check How to use Billing section in Hostinger

Next up, more options can be found in the upper right corner:

1. Language selection - here you will be able to change the hPanel language

2. Power Store - in there you will find all of our available services in one place, so making a purchase will only take a few clicks.

3. What's new - find out the latest updates and new features all in one place.

4. Help - in case you ever need help you will definitely need to check this section, we got loads of tutorials here and the ability to contact our awesome Customer Success team.

5. Your profile - in this section you will be able to:

That’s it! Now you know all the ins and outs of hPanel. In case you haven’t found what you needed, you are always welcome to check our guides about hPanel 😊

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