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How to Use Google Workspace Split Delivery with Hostinger Email
How to Use Google Workspace Split Delivery with Hostinger Email

Setting up Hostinger Email as en external email server on Google Workspace

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Google Workspace Split Delivery is a feature that allows to choose different email services within the same domain. To enable it, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Configure Google Workspace for Split Delivery

Log in to your Google Workspace admin console and follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Apps → Google Workspace → Settings for Gmail → Hosts

  2. Add a name for the new host, such as Hostinger

  3. Save the changes and go back to the Settings for Gmail section

  4. There, select Default Routing

  5. Click on Configure

  6. Enter the following configuration:

    1. Specify envelope recipients to match - All recipients

    2. Leave the headers and subject checkboxes empty

    3. Route - Change route

    4. Hostinger

    5. Options - Perform this action only to non-recognized addresses
      It should look similar to this:

  7. Save the changes

Now all emails sent from and to addresses not created in the Google Workspace plan will be routed through Hostinger Email, delivering the messages to any external email accounts.

Step 2 - Set Up DNS Records

Change the priority of Hostinger Emal MX records on your domain and merge your SPF records, so that outbound messages are authenticated for both Gmail and Hostinger email:

  • Navigate to your domain's DNS zone and add or edit the MX record for Hostinger email as follows:



Value (Mail server)




3600 or default

Make sure to keep your current Google Workspace MX records 💡

  • Delete your current SPF record and add the following instead:



TXT value




v=spf1 ~all

3600 or default

After making these changes, consider up to 24 hours for the propagation process to complete and the split delivery configuration will take effect.

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