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How to Change Your Hostinger Account Details
How to Change Your Hostinger Account Details

Learn how to update personal or company information in your Hostinger account

Updated over a week ago

If you wish to change your personal or company information, such as name and address, follow the steps below. These changes will also be reflected on the invoices for your Hostinger services 👇

Within your Hostinger account, click on Account in the top right and select Account Information:

In the Personal information section, click on the tab of information you want to update:

Here, you can update the following information:

  • Name: first name, last name.

  • Address: country, state/region/province, city, street, house/flat number, and ZIP code.

  • Phone number:

  • Company information: name, taxpayer identification number, and company code.

    The updated information will appear on your future invoices.

How to Enter Additional Information

If you need to add more details, such as a your national identification number, you can use the Company code field.

Once you insert new details, click on Continue and insert your Hostinger account password to save the changes.

The changes will be reflected on your future invoices 💡

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