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How to Disable Auto-Renewal
How to Disable Auto-Renewal

Disabling the automatic renewal of your Hostinger services

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While it's recommended to keep auto-renewal enabled to prevent domain expiration and website and/or email downtime, you may disable the auto-renewal feature at any time. By disabling auto-renewal, your services will not be automatically renewed upon expiration using your added payment method.

To do so, go to the Billing section in your hPanel, and click on the arrow next to the service (❯) to see more options:

Disabling auto-renewal for Hostinger services

Then, click on Disable auto-renew:

Disabling auto-renewal for Hostinger services

Carefully consider the warnings about the possible risks, and if you still wish to disable auto-renewal, continue with the process.


  • Disabling auto-renewal doesn't affect the status of your current services. They will remain fully active until their expiration date

  • If you wish to change your billing cycle, you need to have auto-renewal enabled

  • Disabling auto-renewal will not revert already applied charges

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