How to add a payment method?

If you don’t have any payment method, added to your account, you will see a notification like this at the top of your Billing section:

Just click on the Add payment method button - and you will be able to add a preferred payment method from the list of available ones.

If you want to add an additional payment method, it can be done on the same page below:


  • The list of available payment methods will differ depending on where you purchased services from. In most cases, you will see a credit card or a PayPal account available

How to manage my payment methods?

As soon as the payment method is added, you will be able to add an alternative one and choose, which to set as default:

You can use saved payment methods to purchase any of our services with just one click. Additionally, you can enable auto-renewal for your services if you have an active payment method added.


  • If the payment method you used for purchase is eligible, it will be automatically added to your account

How to remove payment methods from your account?

If you would like to remove the payment method from your account, just go to your Billing page, scroll down to the Payment Method section, and click on Remove in front of the payment method in question:


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