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At Hostinger, you have free Lifetime SSL for all of your domains and subdomains!

Each of your domains or subdomains will have its own SSL certificate installed automatically as soon as you add them to your Hostinger account. Still, if you need an SSL for a domain or subdomain, you can install it from your hPanel.

To activate it, first make sure that your domain is added to the hosting plan or the subdomain is created. Then, head to the SSL section of your account and click on the Install SSL button to initiate SSL installation:

Select the domain or subdomain you want to install your SSL certificate on:

And click on Install SSL. After a few minutes, it will appear with an Active status:

If the SSL installation fails, ensure that your domain is pointing to Hostinger, wait for the propagation, and reinstall the SSL.

Can SSL Certificates Be Reused?

You have free SSL for all of your domains hosted with us, so there is no need to worry about re-using certificates!

If you no longer need an SSL certificate on a domain, you can simply uninstall it.

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