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Domain is not pointing to the nameservers
Domain is not pointing to the nameservers
What does "Your domain is not pointing to Hostinger" mean
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In different parts of hPanel, you might encounter a message like this:

This could indicate multiple things:

  • If you have just purchased a domain name at Hostinger, it simply hasn't finished activation yet. You don't need to do anything, the issue will be resolved in the next couple of hours

  • If you have recently pointed your domain to Hostinger, keep in mind that it might take up to 24 hours for new DNS records to propagate. In case you use external nameservers and pointed domain by A record (for example, if you use Cloudflare), make sure that you added a correct IP record

  • This message might also mean that your domain was suspended due to failed domain verification. If that's the case for you, just navigate to hPanel and verify your domain. It should take up to a couple of hours until the domain is fully back to work and the error message is gone from hPanel

If none of the above is the case for you, just contact our Customer Success team, and we'll be happy to help you 😊

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