Website speed is crucial when it comes to website popularity. As your website grows and becomes bigger, it’s natural that in some time it gets slower and takes longer to load. In this case, you need to optimize it so it goes blazing fast! 🚀

The slowness of your WordPress website can be caused by several factors, in most cases, it comes down to these things:

Excess usage of plugins

Having a big amount of plugins doesn’t always mean websites will automatically be slower. It does however post a risk of poorly coded plugins making a way to your WordPress and slowing the website drastically. Not only that each plugin does consume some amount of resources. For these reasons, we do recommend leaving only the necessary plugins and making sure that their quality is the best possible. A good plugin usually has a high rating and a lot of downloads, while poor ones might have low scores and a low number of downloads. An example of a good plugin can be seen below:

Resource-heavy theme

The type of theme you choose greatly impacts your website performance. So choosing a resource-heavy theme that is packed full of features that you are not planning to use might not be the best idea when it comes to performance.

A good theme must match one of the following requirements:

  • Fast, lightweight, and build with features that you need

  • More advanced theme with much more features, with the ability to disable features that are not needed for you

We recommend checking this tutorial for the fastest WordPress themes out there: Fastest WordPress Themes to Improve Website SEO

If these things didn’t help, check out these solutions:

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