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Can a Domain Name Be Changed After Purchase?
Can a Domain Name Be Changed After Purchase?

Changing an already registered domain

Updated over a week ago

Whether you registered the wrong domain name by mistake – either purchased or a free domain if it was included in your hosting plan – or you just changed your mind, you can change it as long as it meets any of the following conditions:

  • The domain is not activated yet – it appears as pending setup on your panel home page, or

  • The domain is active and refundable according to our Refund Policy

To check the domain status and date of registration, go to the Domains section on your panel:

The Domain section showing where to check the domain status

Once you've confirmed that the domain is either pending setup or refundable, contact our Customer Success team and provide the new domain name with the same TLD. We will help you make the change 😊

Some domain TLDs are non-refundable - in that case, the domain name cannot be changed 💡

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