If you try to update the contact details of the registrant of a .ES domain via hPanel, you will find that this option is disabled:

This is because ESNIC, the domain authority for .ES domains, requires that any changes to the domain's owner contact details be done directly on their platform. You can still make changes to the Administrative or Technical contacts on hPanel.

To change your domain's owner details, follow these steps:

  1. Access nic.es with your Nic identifier and password:

    1. If you need to find out your NIC Identifier, search for your domain name here: WHOIS.es. The identifier follows this format: AAAA0-ESNIC-F0

    2. If you do not have a password, click Retrieve password on the same login page or following this link: Renew nic.es password

  2. Head to the Domain Transfer Request section and choose the domain - it will automatically fill in the field of the current owner and the applicant. Fill in the data for the new owner and new administrative contact (PCA). Once done, enter the captcha and click Continue

  3. Next, sign the application using an Electronic DNI/Certificate or by uploading a photocopy of the national identity or certifying document. Image size should be a maximum of 600px width. If you have issues attaching it, try to reduce it until it is accepted

  4. Nic.es will request confirmation from the current owner or administrative contact by sending them an e-mail. The current owner will have to access Nic.es using their Nic Identifier to accept the changes

  5. Once accepted, Nic.es will proceed to review and verify the request. If everything is correct, it will be accepted. The processing takes approximately 5-7 days


  • If you do not have a Nic ID for the new owner's details, you can create one here: Create nic.es contact

  • If the request is not accepted by the current domain owner within 10 days, it will be automatically cancelled.

  • If you do not indicate SCIP (our vendor code at Nic.es) as a Registering Agent, the domain will be managed through Nic.es.

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