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My Cron Job doesn't work
My Cron Job doesn't work
Solving common Cron Job issues
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The most common reason for Cron Jobs to not work are:

Let's go through all of them.

Not-working script

First, before creating a Cron Job, you have to make sure that your script works. For that, you can open its file in browser (by URL) or execute it via SSH, depending on what type of script you have. If your script indeed doesn't work, you might need to contact developers for help.

You might get the feeling that script isn't working because its output is empty. If your script doesn't have output by default, you can add it manually.

Incorrect path/URL to file specified

The path to the script file should be correct. Keep in mind, that at Hostinger, path to file should start at /home/. If the Cron Job is configured to open some file via the URL rather than a path to file, you can use the curl command via the terminal to see if it works:

curl -v 'https://domain.tld/path/to/file.php'

Use of special characters

If your Cron Job has special characters (like " >/dev/null 2>&1"), you won't be able to set it up via hPanel directly. No worries, it's still possible - all you need to do is to create a .sh file and set up a Cron Job for executing it.


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