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Is Dolphin Emulator Supported at Hostinger?
Is Dolphin Emulator Supported at Hostinger?

Hopsing Dolphin Emulator

Updated over a week ago

Dolphin is an open source video game console emulator that can load custom texture maps, among other functionalities.

If you want to use Dolphin, you can consider our VPS plans, as the resources and permissions it requires are not available on our Web and Cloud hosting plans.

VPS is a self-managed hosting solution. You will be responsible for installing, configuring and updating Dolphin and all related scripts and applications 💡

An important consideration when using Dolphin or any other emulator is that you must ensure you own a legal copy of the games or content you host, share, or link to using Hostinger VPS. For more details, you can refer to our Terms of Service.

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