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How to Cancel Your Hosting Plan
How to Cancel Your Hosting Plan
Deactivating and deleting your hosting plan via Hostinger's hPanel
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If you want to deactivate your hosting while keeping your Hostinger user account and you have more than one website, you will need to remove your add-on domains first by following these steps: How to delete a website from a hosting account

Before proceeding, make sure to download backups of your files and databases if needed. You can also back up your email messages using Webmail.

Once you have downloaded all your data and have only one website, go to Websites → Manage, search for Deactivate Account on the sidebar and click on it:

Keep in mind that deactivating an account means that all files, databases, emails, and any configuration will be lost.

You will have the option to cancel your hosting right away or at the expiration date. Select your choice and click on Continue:

Next, read the warning, mark the checkbox, and click Cancel hosting:

That's it! Your hosting will be canceled, auto-renewal will be disabled, and all data will be scheduled for deletion.

If you wish to revert this action and the hosting account isn't due for expiration yet, it is possible to reactivate it.


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