As soon as you activated an Email hosting for your domain, you need to do a few little settings in the domain’s DNS zone, so your email service works correctly. 

Where to do changes? 

  • If your domain is bought in Hostinger and points elsewhere by A record (while using Hostinger NS records), open Domains → domain name → DNS Zone:
  • If your domain points to Hostinger by NS records (either bought in Hostinger or elsewhere), open Hosting → Manage → DNS Zone Editor:
  • If the domain is bought elsewhere and points to Hostinger only by an A record, the changes should be done on the same service, whose NS records are used

Setting MX record for Flockmail

Before you add new values make sure to delete all old values of MX records - otherwise, it can affect your emails’ work. 

You need to create the following MX records:  

  • Priority: 10
    Host: @
    Points to:
    TTL: default
  • Priority: 20
    Host: @
    Points to:
    TTL: default

The result should look this way: 

Setting TXT record for Flockmail

To prevent emails from entering the spam folder you need to set these 2 TXT records: 

  • Host: @
    TXT value: v=spf1 ~all
    TTL: default
  • Host: _dmarc
    TXT value: v=DMARC1;p=none;sp=none;adkim=r;aspf=r;pct=100
    TTL: default

All settings are done 👍 As soon as values are propagated (up to 24 hours), your email hosting will be ready to use! 

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