Transferring a domain between Hostinger accounts is a very simple process. To transfer a domain from one account to another, it is necessary that the contact information of the domain and the account to which the transfer will be carried out coincides, and more than 4 days have passed from the purchase or transfer of the domain.

Step 1 - Prepare the Domain

Go to the Domains page → Your domain name → Domain Management:

Change the contact details to those used in the account to which the transfer is carried out.

IMPORTANT! The domain’s contact information including email must be the same with the account to which the domain will be moved to.

After the contact Details are changed, both the old and the new email address will automatically receive a verification email. Confirm the change of contact address in both emails.

Step 2 - Verify Your Account

Log in to the account to which the transfer will be carried out. Check if all contact details match. If some information has not been indicated in the profile yet, indicate it.

Step 3 - Request a Domain Move

From the account in which the domain is located now, contact our Customer Succes team. We will double-check the correctness of the contact details and initiate the procedure.

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