Transferring a domain between Hostinger accounts is a very simple process. To transfer a domain from one account to another, it is necessary that:

  • The domain's contact information of that of the account to which the transfer will be carried out is an exact match

  • More than 4 days have passed from the purchase or transfer of the domain

Step 1 - Prepare the domain

Log in to the account where the domain is currently located. Open the Domains dashboard and click on the domain which you want to move:

Go to the Contact Information page and click on Change contacts:

Make sure to change all types of contacts: Registrant, Administrative, Billing, Technical so that they the same as the details of the account to which the domain will be moved to: name, address, email and phone.


  • If part of the information in contact details is not set in the receiving account's profile, add that information by editing the account's profile.

After updating the domain's contact details, you will receive a verification email. If the email address was changed, both the old and the new email address will receive a verification email. Confirm the change in both emails. You can also find a detailed guide here: How to edit a domain's contact details?

If you face any difficulties changing contact details, you can change the contact details of the account, to which domain will be transferred, or contact our Customer Success team for help.

Step 2 - Request a domain move

Once you've confirmed that the domain's contact details match those of the account where the domain will be moved, contact our Customer Success team from the account in which the domain is located now. We will double-check everything and initiate the procedure 😊

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