While most TLDs follow a general procedure in order to transfer a domain, some domain extensions, such as .lt have additional steps that need to be completed in order to transfer successfully.

You will need to obtain an ID from your registrant as well as ensure that your domain's contact details match exactly those in the transfer request. Here is a detailed guide you can follow:

  1. Order a domain transfer

  2. Get the Registrant ID

  3. Initiate registrar change

  4. Finish the transfer

STEP 1 - Order a domain transfer

If you already have a Hostinger account, you can order domain transfer from hPanel, otherwise you can do it from the main page. Once that’s done, simply click on Setup near the created order:

After you have finished setting up the transfer order, proceed to the next step.

STEP 2 - Get the Registrant ID

Now you will need to obtain your Registrant ID from your current domain registrar. Although the process is similar for all, you can consult the specific instructions for your registrar. As an example, these are the steps for Interneto Vizija: LT domeno perkėlimas

STEP 3 - Initiate registrar change

Open domreg.lt, choose Services and click on Domain registrant account:

Proceed until you will see a page asking for your Registrant ID and Password. There, you will not need to enter anything, just click on Activate account:

Enter the Registrant ID you obtained earlier, along with your email address - the one used when registering the domain. After this, you will get an email from hostmaster@domreg.lt with a one-time URL that you need to click.

After you click on the link, you will be redirected to your DomReg account. Once there, click on Initialize transfer:

In the registrars’ list, choose the following value:

Hosting Concepts B.V. d/b/a Registrar.eu (www.openprovider.com)

And click on Initialize transfer:

Lastly, open the MY INFORMATION section on DomReg. You will be presented with your domain's details, keep them at hand and proceed to the final step:

STEP 4 - Finish the transfer

All there is left to do is to open your domain transfer on Hostinger and fill in all the information. Make sure that all details are exactly the same as in DomReg:

Once the details are filled in, click on Transfer domain, and the domain will be immediately transferred to us!

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