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Transfer Domain to Hostinger
How to Transfer a .lt Domain to Hostinger
How to Transfer a .lt Domain to Hostinger

Transferring .lt domains to Hostinger

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To transfer a domain name to another provider, the domain must be active (not suspended or canceled).

Step 1 – Gather the Necessary Details

To transfer a .lt domain to Hostinger, you’ll need to obtain the following details:

  1. Domain transfer authorization code (also known as the EPP code), e.g., 0000-0000-0000-0000

  2. The contact details of the current domain owner

You should get those details from your current domain service provider. Log in to your account at your current domain provider’s website and look for domain-related information. You may also contact their support if you need help locating it.

Alternatively, these details can be found in your Domreg account. Domreg is the registry of all .lt domains. If you’ve ever registered a .lt domain, a Domreg account was created for you automatically. To access it, see below 👇

How to Check the Details in Domreg Directly

First, you'll need your registrant's ID. It's been emailed to you together with your domain activation letter to the email address you specified while registering the domain. The sender should be If you're unable to locate the registrant's ID, you may contact Domreg, the registry of .lt domains.

Once you have your registrant's ID, go to Domreg, choose Services, and click on Domain registrant account:

The "Domain registrant account" option from the "Services" menu at

Follow along until you're on the page requiring your Registrant ID and Password – you don't need to enter anything here – click on Activate account:

The "Activate account" option at

Now, enter your registrant ID, registrant email address, and the generated verification code. After this, you'll get an email from with a one-time URL that you need to click. Once you click on that link within the email, you'll be redirected to your Domreg account.

To find the authorization code for domain transfer, click on Generate transfer codes:

The option "Generate transfer codes" in Domreg

Next, go to the MY INFORMATION section. There, you will find your domain owner's contact details – keep them at hand:

The domain's contact details at

Step 2 – Initiate the Transfer

You can initiate a domain transfer to Hostinger in two ways 👇

Within your Hostinger account, go to the Domains section, click on Transfer an existing domain, insert your domain name, click on Transfer, and pay for the domain transfer service:

Or, if you don’t have a Hostinger account yet, go to this page: Domain Transfer, insert your domain name, and click on Transfer. Then, follow the steps on the screen. This way, you’ll both create a Hostinger account and pay for the domain transfer service:

Step 3 – Complete the Transfer

Finally, open your domain transfer form — you’ll find it in the Home or Domain Transfers section of your Hostinger account — and fill in the contact details of the domain owner. These details must identically match the current domain owner details that you looked up in step 1:

The contact details form for domain transfer

After filling in the details, you will be asked to enter the domain transfer authorization code that you looked up in step 1:

The field to insert the authorization code for domain transfer

Once everything is ready, click on Transfer domain, and the process will start right away. If everything is correct, the transfer is instantly completed, and you should see your domain successfully transferred to your Hostinger account.

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