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Transfer Domain to Hostinger
How to Transfer a .LT Domain to Hostinger
How to Transfer a .LT Domain to Hostinger

Transferring .LT domains to Hostinger

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While most TLDs follow a general domain transfer procedure, transferring some country-code domains – e.g., .LT – requires completing additional steps.

To transfer a .LT domain, you need to obtain a specific ID from your registrant and make sure that your domain's contact details match exactly those in the transfer request. Follow the steps below 👇

Step 1 – Order a Domain Transfer

If you already have a Hostinger account, you can order domain transfer via the Members Area Domains Transfer Domain.

Otherwise, refer to this page: Domain Transfer.

Step 2 – Get the Registrant's ID

Next, you will need to obtain your Registrant's ID. It has been emailed to you together with your domain activation letter (to the email address you inserted while registering the domain).

When searching for this email, filter it by the sender, as you may not be able to find it if you use your domain name as a keyword.

If you're unable to locate the Registrant's ID, you may also contact your domain provider's support for further help or reach out to Domreg, the registry of .LT domains.

Step 3 – Initiate the Registrar Change

Access Domreg, choose Services, and click on Domain registrant account:

The "Domain registrant account" option from the "Services" menu at

Follow along until you're on the page requiring your Registrant ID and Password – you don't need to enter anything here – click on Activate account:

The "Activate account" option at

Now, enter your Registrant ID along with the email address that you used when registering the domain. After this, you'll get an email from with a one-time URL that you need to click.

Once you click on that link within the email, you'll be redirected to your Domreg account. Once there, click on Initialize transfer:

The "Choose new registrar option", showing to select UAB Hostinger and click on "Initialize transfer"

In the registrars’ list, choose Hostinger operations, UAB and click on Initialize transfer again.

Next, open the MY INFORMATION section on Domreg. Here, you'll find your domain owner's contact details – keep them at hand and proceed to the final step:

The domain's contact details at

Step 4 – Complete the Transfer

Finally, open your domain transfer form on Hostinger and fill in all the information. Make sure that all the contact details are exactly the same as in Domreg:

The domain transfer contact details in the Members Area at Hostinger

Once the details are filled in, click on Transfer domain, and domain transfer will be immediately initiated.

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