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What Are Hostinger Email MX Records?
What Are Hostinger Email MX Records?

Learn what are the MX records for Hostinger Email

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MX (Mail Exchange) records are like postal addresses for emails. Their purpose is to tell email servers where to deliver emails for a domain, helping to ensure that emails reach the correct destination.

If you use Hostinger Email, the following MX records should be present in your domain's DNS zone:


Value (Mail server)






Alternatively, to find the values for Hostinger Email MX records this way:

  1. Navigate to the Emails section

  2. Click on Manage next to the preferred email account

  3. Go to the DNS settings section on the left

  4. Scroll down to the Manage Email Delivery section, and click on the arrow button next to MX:

The Manage Email Delivery section showing how to display MX records


  • After making any changes to your domain's DNS zone, DNS propagation starts; give it some time to complete, and your email service will be up and running smoothly 💡

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