You can easily modify your Reseller account packages by opening your WHM.

Once there, click on List accounts:

Select the username that you want to upgrade/downgrade, expand the list by clicking on the + sign, and select Change Plan:

Now select one of the packages to upgrade/downgrade your client and click on Upgrade/Downgrade:

  • Green means you can select the package to this user;

  • Gray means the current package to this user;

  • Red means this package is not available (more information below).

Upon confirmation, the account package will be changed 😊


  • You can modify your package limits by going to Edit packages under the Package section.

  • Your red-colored package may be blocked because you set unlimited resources or the resources are higher than you have available in your current cPanel reseller plan.

  • Your main account (the account configured for your plan) quota or features can’t be modified, the package is set by the system upon the plan configuration.

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