Editing contact details of a domain can be easily done from Domains section, just click on it and choose the domain you wish to perform changes to:

Editing contact details in the new interface

Click on Contact Information and choose the type of contact details you want to change:

  • Registrant Contact

  • Administrative Contact

  • Billing Contact

  • Technical Contact

Then click on Change contacts:

There you will be able to edit details, choose the type of ownership (if itโ€™s a personal or a company domain) and apply these details to all contact types.

Editing contact details in the old interface

In the old interface just scroll down to the Contact Details section, do the changes you wish and click on Save changes:


  • Once you change the domain owner details, you will receive a verification email that asks to approve the domain owner details change. If you are changing the email address, the email will be sent to both addresses.

  • It might take up to 24 hours for the updated details to be visible on Whois

  • Some TLDs do not allow editing of certain fields or contact details via the panel. In such cases, make sure to contact our Customer Success team ๐Ÿ˜Š

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