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How to Use cPanel and WHM Panel With VPS
How to Use cPanel and WHM Panel With VPS

Accessing and setting up cPanel and WHM on Hostinger’s VPS

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cPanel and WHM is one of the OS templates available with our VPS plans. You can choose it while setting up your VPS for the first time or change it to AlmaLinux 8 with cPanel later anytime.

Visit our cPanel VPS hosting page to learn more about the VPS plans available 🚀

License Information

The cPanel license is not included. If your account is on (Global), Hostinger Indonesia or a Hostinger Europe brand, you can purchase it from hPanel by following these steps: How to Purchase a License.

If your account is on a Hostinger brand other than Global, Indonesia or Europe, you can purchase the license from cPanel directly.

Logging In

Once you get your VPS running with cPanel/WHM, you'll be able to log in to either WHM or cPanel. When accessing the login URLs through your browser, you will be required to accept a self-signed SSL certificate.

Enter the following on your web browser, replacing your_vps_ip with the IP address of your server:

WHM Details

  • Login URL via HTTP: http://your_vps_ip:2086

  • Login URL via HTTPS: https://your_vps_ip:2087

  • Username: root

  • Password: your root password

cPanel Details

  • Login URL via HTTP: http://your_vps_ip:2082

  • Login URL via HTTPS: https://your_vps_ip:2083


  • A cPanel username and password need to be created on the WHM panel already - you can find a detailed guide on the official documentation

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