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How to Manage Payment Methods in a Hostinger Account
How to Manage Payment Methods in a Hostinger Account

Adding a payment method to your Hostinger account and removing it

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You can add, remove, and change the default payment method from the Billing section on your hPanel:

Adding a Payment Method

If the payment method you used for your first purchase is eligible, it will be automatically added to your account. Alternatively, you can go to the Payment Methods tab and click on the button Add payment method:

Adding an additional payment method in hPanel → Billing → Payment Methods

Next, select your preferred payment method and add the required details.


  • The list of available payment methods will differ depending on where you purchased services from. In most cases, the available options are credit card or PayPal

After adding one method, you can add more alternative payment methods in the same section:

Adding a payment method in Hostinger Members Area → Billing → Payment Methods

You can use any of your added methods for your manual payments, as well as the default method for automatic renewals.

Managing Payment Methods

For security reasons, only the first 6 and last 4 digits are visible after adding a card. For PayPal accounts, the email address will be partially hidden as well.

To verify which card is added when all the card numbers are hidden, you can click on Reveal last digits in order to temporarily display the 4 last digits.

For more options, click on the arrow (❯) next to it:

The arrow button allowing more payment management options in the Payment Methods section

There you can perform the following actions:

Set Method as Default

If you have more than one payment method added to your account, you can change the default method by clicking on Make as default.

Remove Payment Method

If you prefer to use your payment method for manual payments only, you can disable the automatic renewal.

To completely stop using a payment method, for example, an expired card, click on Remove:

The Payment method options showing how to remove the payment method from a Hostinger account

You can re-add a removed payment method at any time.

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