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How to Use the Billing Section in Hostinger
How to Use the Billing Section in Hostinger

Managing your invoices and payment methods at Hostinger

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To manage all billing aspects of your account, head to the Billing section of your hPanel. You will find the following options on the sidebar:


The Subscriptions section contains a list of all the active services in your account, the auto-renewal status, and expiration dates. You can also renew your domain or hosting plan by clicking on the Renew now button:

The list of subscriptions showing how to renew

Clicking on the arrow (❯) will provide the options to update your billing cycle (if auto-renewal is enabled) and change the auto-renewal status.

Payment History

On the Payment History, you will be presented with the list of all of your past payments. You will also be able to check your refunded invoices by clicking on the Refunded History tab.

The Payment History section showing the payment details
  1. Payment ID - identification of the payment, required to locate the payment or to create a refund request

  2. Invoice ID - identification of the invoice, that corresponds to that in the PDF version of your invoice

  3. Description of the service and billing period covered by the payment

  4. Amount paid

Clicking on the arrow (❯) will provide the payment details, amount breakdown, as well as the option to download your invoice as PDF.

Payment Methods

In the Payment Methods area, you can manage your payment methods. You can use saved payment methods to purchase any of our services with just one click. Additionally, you can enable auto-renewal for your services if you have an active payment method added:

  1. Add a new payment method

  2. Check the payment method details - from here, you can also remove it from your account

  3. Change the default payment method - this option is available if you have more than one method

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