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How to Delete an Unpaid Invoice
How to Delete an Unpaid Invoice

What happens with unpaid invoices at Hostinger

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When any of your hosting, email hosting or domain subscriptions at Hostinger is close to their expiry date, an advance invoice is created. This invoice allows you to pay your service renewal either manually or automatically.

Hosting and Email Hosting

For hosting and email hosting, the advance invoice is active for 7 days after the original expiration date. If the invoice is not paid within this period, it will be removed from the Billing section of your hPanel.


  • While the advance invoice is active and unpaid, the expiration date of your subscription may temporarily appear to be the extended renewal date. If the invoice is not paid, the expiration date will be reverted to the original


For domains, the advance invoice is voided upon domain expiration. If you wish to reactivate the domain after that date, follow this guide: How to Renew an Expired Domain.

Advanced invoices are a convenient way to renew your hosting, email hosting, or domain subscriptions. And since they are removed automatically after 7 days if unpaid, you don't need to take further actions to delete them.

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