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How to Transfer Your Hosting Plan to a Different Server
How to Transfer Your Hosting Plan to a Different Server

When, why and how to transfer your hosting to a different location

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As a general rule, the larger the physical distance between you and the server where your website is hosted, the longer response time you may expect. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a server location for your hosting plan that is closest to your users.

The server location can be changed once every 30 days 💡

When to Change Your Server Location

Before changing your server location, make sure to consider the following:

  • Select a location that is the closest to your website visitors. You can use the detailed information on the Analytics page to verify it. If most of them are located far from your current server, perform a server transfer.

  • If you have visitors from all over the world, a better solution is a CDN. It will store multiple copies of your website in proxy servers worldwide, improving your website speed regardless of physical location. This will also help improve SEO and provide additional DDoS protection.

NOTE: Websites created with the Hostinger Website Builder have integrated CDN features by default. Therefore, the server location cannot changed.

How to Initiate a Server Transfer

You can select the server location after purchase while setting up your order. If your hosting plan is already activated, you can change your server location by navigating to Websites Dashboard, searching for Plan details on the sidebar, and clicking on it:

The Plan details menu option

In the Server Details section, click on the edit button:

The edit button to change server location at Hostinger

Next, select the desired location from the drop-down list of available locations:

The Change your server location popup showing how to select a new location

If you're looking for datacenters on renewable energy, choose one of the following: USA (PHX), Lithuania, UK, Brazil or France 🌱

Click on Next, double-check all the transfer details, and press Start to initiate the transfer.

How to Change the Location of a VPS

To change the location of your virtual private server, go to the VPS section and click on the server in question.

On the left, select Overview, open the VPS information tab, and click on the pen icon to change the server location:

Select the preferred server location from the dropdown and click on Next. Double-check all the transfer details, and press Start to initiate the transfer.

What Happens During Server Transfer?

Server transfer can take up to 4 hours to complete. During that time, your hosting panel will be locked to prevent any changes.

In addition, your hosting IP will change. You will receive an email after the transfer is completed indicating the new IP value. You can also check it on the Plan details page:

  • If your domain is pointed to Hostinger by A record, you will need to update the IP manually.

  • If your domain is pointed to Hostinger by nameservers, the change is automatic.

  • You will also need to manually update to the new IP any remote connections, APIs, or scripts that require the use of your IP.

Since this change will be applied to your domain's DNS records, your website and email may temporarily stop working during propagation – it requires a few hours to complete.

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